Blue Program Description

This four week program introduces the students to new elements of the game while emphasizing the full swing. Regardless of where one would go to learn the golf swing, it has specific fundamentals and laws that are non-negotiable. Students will complete this level with a rhythmic, repeatable golf swing and basic understanding of the dynamics of the body and how it works in relation with the swing.

During the four week class, students will learn the use of each club. Although no course time will be available, the short game area will be used extensively to simulate scenarios that could occur on the course. At least three hours of instruction will be dedicated to short game.

Blue Curriculum

Introduction to four weeks of instruction and what is expected from the students
Evaluation of the student's weaknesses with documentation to help track progress
Begin video analysis of swing

Video analysis of full swing
Track progression from first week looking for  improvement
Swing drills and documentation of weekly progression

Full swing mechanics
Full swing drills and video analysis with students

Short game concentration with emphasis on chipping versus pitching
Sand play fundamentals
Putting including distance and line