Green Program Description

This initial four week course is designed to introduce the junior to the game of golf. Curriculum includes basic fundamentals of the game with emphasis on basic rules and etiquette. Students will learn the proper fundamentals of grip, stance, posture, aim/ alignment, ball position. (This is termed "pre-swing fundamentals").

Throughout the four week program the students will learn how to swing from start to finish. The importance of producing a rhythmic balanced golf swing will be stressed. Juniors will be introduced to the short game which includes: putting, chipping, pitching and sand play.

By the end of the GREEN LEVEL, the junior golfer will be able to utilize proper pre-swing fundamentals, produce a rhythmic and balanced golf swing and possess an understanding of the importance of the short game. The junior golfer will also have an understanding of the physical description of a golf course, rules of the game and playing etiquette.

Advancement to the BLUE LEVEL

Green Curriculum

Safety, grip, posture, stance and backswing
Balance drills

Education on rules and etiquette

Review week 1
Intro into irons and woods
Driver fundamentals with tippy toe finish

Review long game
Introduction to chipping, pitching and sand

Review pitching, sand, full swing with tippy toe finish, balance and three second finish
Putting drills and skills testing