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Donation Request

Tustin Ranch Golf Club welcomes requests for donations in conjunction with charitable endeavors. Donation requests must be made online through this form to be considered.

Note that the number of donation requests received well exceeds the amount we are able participate in so unfortunately not all requests can be filled.

Priority will be given under the following requirements:

  • Organizations currently registered with official 501(c)(3) status
  • Organizations with a current and active partnership with Tustin Ranch Golf Club
  • Locally-based educational and/or non-profit organizations

Please fully complete the below form and upload associated documents for consideration. Donation requests are evaluated once a month by Tustin Ranch Golf Club for dates 3+ months in advance, so please allow a minimum of 12 weeks before your event date for submission to be considered. Successful donation requests will be mailed to the contact information submitted.

Please submit all supporting documents, including donation request letter and event flyer or brochure, to supplement form.

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*If pop-up window doesn't open, please email documents to

Donation Request Form

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